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Hungarian Language Program


Stanford University is one the few higher education institutions in the Unites States that offers Hungarian language courses.



1st Year Hungarian: SPECLANG 173A, 173B, and 173C

The beginning level Hungarian language course is taught as a sequence of three-quarters. The focus is on building practical language survival skills and practicing interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational communication modes. We also explore some fascinating aspects of the Hungarian culture, including elements of contemporary and historical events, literature, pop-culture, and folklore. Prerequisites: None.


2nd Year Hungarian: SPECLANG 182A, 182B, and 182C

Not Given This Year


The intermediate level Hungarian language course also follows the sequential order of language teaching schedules. You will continue building on 1st-year level Hungarian language skills. By the end of the school year, you will be able to make small conversations in Hungarian with more ease and considerably expand your vocabulary. You will also improve your listening, reading, writing, and presentational skills in Hungarian. We will continue the exploration of the Hungarian culture on a more complex level. Prerequisites: 1st Year Hungarian or instructor’s consent, based on assessments.


3rd Year Hungarian: SPECLANG 265A, 265B, and 265C

Not Given This Year


The advanced level Hungarian language course strongly builds on cultural context. By accommodating personal goals and interests, students can influence topic selections and reading materials. Participants can expect to spend a significant amount of time on independent research, reading, writing, and preparing two presentations during the quarter. Prerequisites: 2 years Hungarian language study or instructor’s consent, based on an assessment.




Eva Soos Szoke, Lecturer in Hungarian

Teaches all Hungarian language courses at Stanford University, and also at the University of California Berkeley.

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Hungarian language in cultural context

Language learning through literary translation practices

Computer assisted learning


Current project                                                                                

Creating computer assisted teaching and learning materials to aid Hungarian language learning