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Czech Language Program

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The Czech language program provides students with academic knowledge of the currently spoken and written Czech. The goal of the 3 level courses is to enable students to communicate effectively in actual social situations and the real life functions. Each level is taught as a sequence of three quarters. Every lesson is primarily center  on the developing the following areas: reading, listening and comprehension, speaking, writing, and basic grammar structures with significant introduction of the cultural elements, geography, history, literature, music, art.

Czech 1

In the Beginning Level the students will learn correct pronunciation and intonation, build a practical vocabulary, understand basic linguistic properties in Czech, use the basic grammar structures in speaking and writing, read a given texts with sufficient accuracy. Become familiar with the cultural values, develop basic communicational skills, ask and respond to simple questions.

Czech 2

The Intermediate Level focuses on continuous mastery and development of learning skills that help students to communicate accurately and more fluently, incorporate more advanced grammatical structures in their oral and written utterances, use idiomatic expressions in the real context, and write simple compositions. Students will create statements and questions to meet practical needs and some social demands; they will be able to cope successfully with simple survival and social situations.

Czech 3

The Advanced Level focuses on accurate understanding and use of structures through authentic text and multimedia material, and readings from various genres. Students will develop the ability to express and understand opinions, narrate and understand stories in the present, past, and future, identify, state, and comprehend feelings and emotions, they will use culturally appropriate behavior in formal situations, write social and official correspondence, take notes, resumes with some details, deal with life situations with complications.




Phone: 650-815-9327
Location: 240-207

Jara has taught all Czech Language courses at Stanford University for 16 years. She earned degrees in Education from the Charles University at Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). She enjoys Literature, singing at Stanford Symphonic Chorus, swimming, skying.